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Skinning Kit

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Build your own skinning kit!

Work your way down the list and choose the products you require, the price at the top is updated after every selection so you can keep your kit within your budget!

All the products on this page are the same high quality products that can be brought as a single item elsewhere on the site.

  • Choose whether you want the bling factor that the twill weave will give you, or the classy look of the plain weave.
  • Folded/rolled: Choose whether to have your carbon folded in a box, or rolled onto a tube. There is a $10 charge for the rolled option.
  • Select the resin size you wish to use, then the speed of the hardner to go with it.
  • Use the black pigment mixed in with the epoxy resin to provide a base coat on your part before applying the carbon over the top. This will prevent any original colour showing through the weave.

Each of the products has its own product page, where any additional information can be found:

Carbon fiber

West epoxy resin

Kinetix epoxy resin

15ml pigment

125ml pigment

Gram scales

Nitrile gloves

Plastic cups

Paint brushes

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