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Semi Permanant Sealer 1L

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SEALER GP is a high modulus, clear, flexible film with superior substrate adhesion that forms a protective shield on the mold

surface. As a conditioner, SEALER GP is designed to treat both the chemical and physical bonding sites found on every “raw”

mold surface. In addition, SEALER GP provides the base needed to extend the life of the release coating and will allow

optimal performance from the release coating.



* Retains mold detail and finish * Thermal Stability - 480 °C (900 °F)

* Restores vacuum integrity * Can be used with all release agents


SEALER GP overcomes micro-porosity in mold surfaces, eliminates the break-in time for new molds, restores a uniform

surface when used over a mold repair or patch, protects the surface of the mold from styrene emission and oxidation,

therefore, extending the useful life of the mould.

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