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Resin infusion kit

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Resin infusion is when you put dry fabric into you vacuum bag and then use the vacuum to 'suck' resin though your part.

It is slightly more technical, however it is a lot cleaner (no manually brushing on resin) and gives a near perfect resin to fabric ratio.

Resin infused parts are stronger, lighter and look amazing!

  • Apply fabric into mould.
  • Put peel ply over the fabric. (Peel ply wont stick to resin)
  • Infusion medium goes on over the peel ply. (To allow the resin to flow better)
  • Position 2 teflon bag connectors at either end of your part. Put spiral wrap under the connector that will be used for the resin inlet. (The spiral wrap should go right the way across your part if possible, to allow the resin to reach the edges)
  • Apply the vacuum bag, sealing it with bagging tape.
  • Put 2 slit's to allow the hose to go into both of the silicon connectors. Seal with bagging tape.
  • Connect the outlet tube to the resin catchpot, and the resin catchpot to the vacuum pump.
  • Put the hose clamp on the inlet tube.
  • Put an empty cup in the catch pot to catch excess resin
  • Pull a vacuum and make sure there are NO LEAKS!
  • Mix up your resin and put the inlet tube into it (If there are bubbles in your mixed resin then you can de-gas it by putting it in the resin catchpot and pulling a vacuum, or just be patient and wait for the bubbles to escape naturally)
  • Pull a vacuum. Once full vacuum is reached you can release the lineclamp to the resin.
  • You will be able to see the resin flow through your part. Once it reaches the other side and starts going up the outlet, you can re apply the line clamp to the inlet to stop any more resin entering the system.

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