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Pultruded carbon tube 2m

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Pultruded carbon rod offers extreamly high strength and stiffness. They have a uni directional fiber orientation. Meaning the fibers run along the length of the tube.

This gives the best 'tension strength' possible (if you try to stretch the tube), However it does leave it vunerable to forces in other planes, such as crushing force if you were to stand on a tube that was laying on the ground.

Select the diameter of tube reqired using the option boxes, the price will automatically update with each selection. The tube diameter is shown as OD/ID this means the first figure is the outside diameter of the tube in mm. The second figure is the inner diameter (or the hole diameter of the tube) also in mm.

Other Details

CFRP tube data:
Tensile modulus:
131000 MPa
Max tensile strength:
2400 MPa
Flexural modulus:
21800 MPa
Young's Modulus (long direction):
82000 MPa
Young's trans. dir:
8200 MPa
Poisson's ratio:
Long. tensile strength:
834 MPa
Trans. tensile strength:
83.4 MPa
1.5 g/cm3
Fiber Data:
Tensile strength:
4000 MPa
Tensile modulus:
240 GPa
1.8 g/cm3
Filament diameter:
7 ┬Ám

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