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6K Medium Carbon Sleeve

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Not only is sleeve fabric a much easier way of making carbon tube, but all of our sleeve fabric is aerospace grade!

Quantity is in meters, and will be supplied in a continuous length with a maximum roll length of 19m long.

4412 MPa tensile strength! (4140 high tensile steel ranges from 650-1000MPa)

Our medium sleeves are around .46mm thick

At the nominal size that the sleeve is specified for (for example a 50mm sleeve for a 50mm diameter shaft), the fiber orientation of the sleeve is at a 45 degree angle. This is ideal for twisting forces, cosmetic applications, and is best for holding the shaft uniformly together while under stress.

If the shaft is to be used with a 'lever type action', with stresses that would try to break a long shaft in half (such as breaking a stick over you knee) then a fiber orientation along the length of the shaft is ideal. You can do this by selecting a sleeve that is a larger diameter than your final part and stretching the sleeve out. Doing this will also add extra length to your sleeve.

Keep in mind that rarely does one have stresses just in one direction. For example, even with a 'lever action' using a 45 degree weave over top of a streched sleeve will help keep the straitened sleeve fiber contained and will typically create a stronger shaft. 

Expanding the sleeve beyond its nominal size (for example, using a 50mm sleeve as a 74mm shaft) will create better "hoop" strength (such as if you would stand on the shaft laying on the floor) . Rarely is this type of strength beneficial.


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