Other fabrics

A range of other fabrics including kevlar, and basalt

  • 12K - T700 Carbon Tow 1kg
    AUD $100.00

    Carbon Tow/Roving/Thread  12K-T700  1kg...

  • Basalt

    AUD $36.70

    300g per sq/m  1m wide Basalt fibre is in alot of ways a better alternative to fiberglass, made from basalt, a hard, dense, volcanic rock. It provides high temperature performance and superior strength. It offers a...

  • Kevlar

    AUD $48.50

    1m wide 1680tex kevlar 2x2 twill weave  .26mm thick. 205g per m Kevlar is used when impact resistance is required. It bends and does not shatter like some other composite materials. Kevlar is slightly harder to...

  • Kevlar Tow
    AUD $68.37

    Aramid Tow/Roving/thread   Size- 1000denier   Strength -...