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Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes 1L

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Carbon nanotubes are the strongest and stiffest material on earth! 

They are used as an additive or filler in composites to increase strength, particularly in directions lacking reinforcement, and prevent delamination.

They are also used in many other fields of material science, in electronics, optics, or as a thermal or electrical conductor.

Add 2-3% by weight to resin and mix well. Adding more will not improve or worsen mechanical properties.

1L nanotubes = 50g

50g of nanotubes at 2% by weight can be mixed into 2.5kg of resin.

Average diameter: 10-40 nm
Length: 1-25 μm
Purity by weight: 93% min
Specific surface area: 150-250 m2/g

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