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Laminating Kit

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Build your own carbon fiber laminating kit!

On this page there is everything you need to laminate your own carbon fiber part.

Work your way down the page selecting the products you would like included, the price will be constantly updated with every choice you make, so you can keep an eye on it to stay within your budget.

All the products displayed on this page are the same high quality products that can be brought as a single item elsewhere on the site.

  • Folded/rolled: Choose whether to have your carbon rolled on to a tube or folded in a box. There is a $10 charge for rolled.
  • The fiberglass can be used to provide extra thickness to your part without the cost of carbon fiber.
  • Select your epoxy resin size and then below that select whether you would like the fast or slow version.
  • Choose whether you want any of the additional options added to your kit. 

Any extra information you would like on any of the individual products can be found on there own product page:

carbon fiber


west epoxy resin

Gram scales

nitrile gloves

paint brushes

plastic cups

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