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USD $38.77

1m wide

1680tex kevlar

2x2 twill weave 

.26mm thick.

205g per m

Kevlar is used when impact resistance is required. It bends and does not shatter like some other composite materials.

Kevlar is slightly harder to work with than either fiberglass or carbon fiber, but in the right situations it can give a lighter stronger part than fiberglass, and a much more impact resistant part than carbon fiber. Which makes it ideal for parts like racing car panels.

  • Weave type: Currently only twill available, feel free to contact us if you require any other weave type.

Quantity is in meters, with a minimum of 1m and maximum of 100m rolls. Any quantity you choose will be supplied as 1 continuous length of fabric up to 100m.

  • Length (hundereds of m): If you select the 100m option this will be supplied as an uncut full roll. If you require more than 1 full roll then you can select the 100m length and then use the quantity dropdown box next to the add to cart button to select the quantity of rolls required.
  • Length (tens of m): Use the tens of meters option to select any quantity under a 100m length, you can make fine adjustments to the length with the next option.
  • Length (m): Use the single units option to create a small order, or to add length to the tens or hundereds options above. 


  • Folded/Rolled: Folded is for the money consious buyer, it allows savings on small quantities of material. If selected, we will fold up to 3m of fabric. The fabric will be carefully folded and placed in a box with any other products purchaced in the order. If Rolled is selected, the material will be rolled onto a cardboard tube, then placed inside a larger cardboard tube. This will then be straped to a box containing any other products purchaced in the order. There is a $10 fee for the rolled option.

The price will automatically update with every selection, and has discounts built into it. So the more you buy the more you save!


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