• 4-6mm chopped strands

    4-6mm chopped strands
    USD $6.27

    4-6mm chopped fiberglass.   Use chopped glass to increase tensile and compression strength of your resin. This mixture is excellent for adding strength to filled epoxy paste,...

  • Cab-O-Sil

    USD $5.49

    Cab-O-Sil is a viscosity regulator, itsthe best epoxy additive if you are working on vertical surfaces, it will make your epoxy mix more thixotropic, meaning it won't run. Don't use in large amounts if you intend to sand it,...

  • calcium carbonate

    calcium carbonate
    USD $6.27

    Fine ground calcium carbonate when mixed with epoxy resin will give a very hard glossy coat ideal for tooling gelcoat. 500ml

  • colour pigment additive 15ml

    colour pigment additive 15ml
    USD $3.14

    A small 15ml bottle of coloured pigment. Black can be mixed with your epoxy for a skinning basecoat. Colours can be used with the tooling gelcoat additive to create a nicely coloured mold face...

  • gelcoat additive

    gelcoat additive
    USD $7.84

    Why pay the big bucks for professional tooling gel coats when you can just buy the ingredients to add to your resin. You can just mix it as you need it and then use the same resin to make your part. It delivers you an...

  • Glass Bubbles

    Glass Bubbles
    USD $7.84

    Glass bubbles blended with resin make a nice lightweight sandable filler. Use it to fill fabric weave, shallow blisters and surfaces of core materials. Composed of glass, their hollow form helps reduce matrix...

  • Micro fibers

    Micro fibers
    USD $6.27

    Micro fibers are very fine wood cellulose fibers, used to reinforce the resin matrix and create structural adhesives. They absorb and hold great amounts of resin. Very hard wearing, hard to sand and very good for bonding...

  • Mould putty additive

    Mould putty additive
    USD $6.27

    Our Putty additive is a blend of fillers that will give you an easy to work additive that will stick to your part, not your hands. Add chopped fiberglass to make a reinforced mold backing for odd shaped molds. Use for small...

  • Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes 1L

    Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes 1L
    USD $86.24

    Carbon nanotubes are the strongest and stiffest material on earth!  They are used as an additive or filler in composites to increase strength, particularly in directions lacking reinforcement, and prevent delamination...

  • Talc

    USD $2.35

    Talc is good cheap filler, it is harder to sand than the west 411 and 410 fillers. It finishes to quite a hard surface finish (but not quite as hard as west 403 or calcium carbonate). It can be used by itself or with...

  • West system 403 Microfibre blend 1L

    West system 403 Microfibre blend 1L
    USD $15.66

    403 Microfibre blend is a high density filler that when added to epoxy resin creates a multi-purpose high strength adhesive that can be used for stuctural applications including bonding, filleting and hardware bonding, yet...

  • West system 410 Microlight 1L

    West system 410 Microlight 1L
    USD $14.96

    410 Microlight is the ideal low density filler for creating a light, easily worked fairing compound especially suited for cosmetic or surface applications like shaping, filling or fairing. 410 microlight mixes to a very...

  • West system 411 Microsphere blend 1L

    West system 411 Microsphere blend 1L
    USD $15.10

    411 Microsphere Blend is a low density filler which cures to a lightweight filling putty with excellent filleting characteristics. 411 Microsphere Blend is also used as a low density adhesive for edge gluing in strip plank...

  • 125ml West System Pigment

    125ml West System Pigment
    USD $18.37

    Colour: Black Size: 125ml West system 502 epoxy pigment, used when the colour of your resin needs to be black.  For use with all epoxy resins on our site.

  • West System Graphite Powder 170g

    West System Graphite Powder 170g
    USD $24.09

    170g 423 graphite powder can be mixed with epoxy resin to produce a low friction coating with increased scuff resistance and durability. 423 is often used as a bearing surface, and as a coating on the bottoms of racing craft...