Build Your Own Kits

  • Beginners essentials pack

    Beginners essentials pack
    AUD $0.00

    If your just starting out in composites, then we provide this build your own beginners essentials pack to make it easy to get everything you need. Gram scales: used to mix epoxy resin to the correct ratio. Nitrile gloves:...

  • Laminating Kit

    Laminating Kit
    AUD $0.00

    Build your own carbon fiber laminating kit! On this page there is everything you need to laminate your own carbon fiber part. Work your way down the page selecting the products you would like included, the price will be...

  • Polyester Mould Making Kit
    AUD $0.00

    Polyester moulds are the most common moulds in the industry, and not only for there price: Polyester tooling gelcoat can be either brush or spray applyed using a gelcoat 'cup gun' and gives a remarkably hard surface that...

  • Resin infusion kit

    Resin infusion kit
    AUD $0.00

    All these products and more are available in the Vacuum Bagging Products page   Resin infusion is when you put dry fabric into you vacuum bag and then use the vacuum to 'suck' resin though your part. It is slightly...

  • Skinning Kit

    Skinning Kit
    AUD $444.00

    Build your own skinning kit! Work your way down the list and choose the products you require, the price at the top is updated after every selection so you can keep your kit within your budget! All the products on this page...

  • Small mould making kit

    Small mould making kit
    AUD $0.00

    First you need to coat the part you are going to copy with a release agent. We provide both mould release wax, and pva mould release to choose from in this kit. We would suggest first applying multiple layers of wax,...

  • Vacuum bagging kit

    Vacuum bagging kit
    AUD $0.00

    All these products and more are available in the Vacuum Bagging Products page   everything you need to vacuum bag your laminates Place your fabric in the mould, and apply the mixed epoxy with a brush. Put peel ply...